This is for all the people that have used up a lot of there time to upload material to Youtube so we can watch it for years to come. Also thanks to Martina for scanning the 30th Anniversary booklet below. And most importantly, thanks to those radio people who have dared to be different. The battle isn't over yet, we now have a new world to look after called the Internet. That's the future of radio and we need to look after it NOW and for future generations.

The Raid That wasn't a raid, then it was

This is a recording which was made by an employee of the Dutch Radio Authority. The complete tape can be viewed at

I Spy For The DTI

The Wiltsher Tour of Radio Caroline

A tribute???

At 30 Years Old

Below are some pages from the 30th anniversary of Radio Caroline, 1994. Whilst it is true to the book some ads have been either removed or numbers changed. Also where a private address appeared in the book I felt it wrong to reproduce it here, especially as some people have moved

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